ScoutRaCe 15 .02 21 mm (6 Pack)

  • File / Tip ID: White
  • Length (mm): 21
  • Product Name: ScoutRaCe
  • Speed Range: 600 RPMs (curved); 900 RPMs (calcified)
  • Taper: .02
  • Tip Size (1/100mm): 15
  • Discontinued Products: Show Available Products

ScoutRaCe files are designed for glide path creation for all canals. They are extremely flexible and are ideal for scouting obliterated (calcified) and severely curved canals. They utilize the same file features as RaCe and BioRaCe files but they are available in smaller tips and tapers. Due to the fact that they are so narrow and flexible it is important to run ScoutRaCe files at a faster RPM (600-900) and to use a very light touch. The files should always be moving while in the canal. Please view the chairside technique card for more information.