Activ GP Gutta Percha & Paper Points Obturation Wheel Assortment (15-60) .04 Taper (300 Pack)

  • Package Label: GPT ASST 04 15-60 II 300P
  • Product Name: ActivGP
  • Taper: .04
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Activ GP Gutta Percha points are designed to be used with ActivGP Sealer. The glass ionomer sealer will bond to the cones because they are impregnated and coated with GIC. ActivGP is a first generation biocompatible bonded oburation system. It is especially attractive to those clinicians that want minimal shrinkage, high biocompatibility and a fast setting time. 

15 ea. (sizes 15-60) Activ GP Points (.04 Taper)
15 ea. (sizes 15-60) Paper Points (.04 Taper)