K0315 VersaFlex Intro Assortment

  • Product Name: VersaFlex
  • Package Quantity: 100/pk
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Developed by Brasseler USA®. VersaFlex diamond-coated polishers are designed to smooth surface irregularities and roughness and leave a high-gloss on a variety of restorative materials, including composites, all-ceramic materials, and metal restorations.

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K0315 VersaFlex Intro Assortment includes:

25 VFD1LG Large 12mm Super-Coarse Green Discs
25 VFD1SM Small 10mm Super-Coarse Green Discs
25 VFD2LG Large 12mm Coarse Blue Discs
25 VFD2SM Small 10mm Coarse Blue Discs
25 VFD3LG Large 12mm Medium Pink Discs
25 VFD3SM Small 10mm Medium Pink Discs
25 VFD4LG Large 12mm Fine Gray Discs
25 VFD4SM Small 10mm Fine Gray Discs
25 VFS1W Super-Coarse Green/Coarse Blue Strips
25 VFS2W Medium Pink/Fine Gray Strips
1 310.21 Right-Angle Latch Snap-On Mandrel
1 310.11 Straight Handpiece Snap-On Mandrel

“The use of a bevel on the preparation margin helps to create beautiful direct composites that disappear visually. This creates a transition zone, so the margin is not visible. With this type of preparation it is imperative to finish the composite to an almost infinity margin where it is extremely thin, and Versaflex discs are the perfect tool.”

Lee Ann Brady, DMD