WV0.7NC 2 Blade Milling Instrument

  • Blade Configuration: 2 Blade
  • Head Diameter (mm): 0.7
  • Head Size (1/10 mm): 0.7
  • Neck Length (mm): 20
  • Overall Length (mm): 40
  • Package Label: WV0.7NC 2BLD MILL TOOL 1P WIELAND VHF CAM5 S1/S2
  • Shank Diameter (mm): 3
  • Suggested Materials: Zirconia, PMMA and Wax
  • Discontinued Products: Show Available Products

The market leader in dental rotary instruments, Brasseler USA offers CAD/CAM milling and grinding instruments for the most popular laboratory milling machines. Brasseler USA CAD/CAM instruments deliver high performance and precision in a variety of coatings and blade configurations. Satisfaction guaranteed!



Manufactured from a single piece, non-coated instruments are made of premium tungsten carbide with precision ground fluting. These instruments are particularly recommended for dry milling of zirconia, PMMA, PEEK and wax.