• Handpiece Type: Electric
  • Light: LED Optic
  • Model: Forza ELM
  • Procedure: Restorative
  • Speed Range: 2,000-40,000 RPMs
  • Torque Setting: 3.4 Ncm
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • Weight: 59g
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The Forza ELM electric micromotor system combines user-friendly ergonomic design with lightweight titanium. The innovative technology is built-in throughout the Forza ELM system, including the lightest motor in its class, delivering a strong 3.4 Ncm of high-torque power. The Forza ELM micromotor weighs a mere 61 grams--up to 40% less than competitive units. Smooth, quiet, and versatile, the Forza ELM features an LED fiber optic micromotor, two programmable settings and a digital speed read out. With a motor speed between 2,000-40,000 rpm the brushless system has attachments available for specialty areas and can be integrated into virtually any dental delivery systems. 




  • Features
  • Packaging
The Forza ELM Mini delivers the following features:
  • LED fiber optic micromotor
  • Two programmable settings and a digital speed read out
  • Motor speed between 2,000-40,000 rpm 
  • Brushless system 
  • Ceramic ball bearing in the attachments
  • Lightest E-type motor
The Forza ELM Mini set includes:
  • Control Unit
  • Motor
  • Motor Cord
  • AC adapter