K0380 Winter: WRC CAD/CAM Anterior Preparation System

  • Clinician: Robert Winter, DDS and CERECdoctors.com
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Developed by Dr. Robert Winter. This system was developed with cerecdoctors.com and incorporates Winter Restorative Concepts instrumentation by Dr. Robert Winter for anterior tooth preparation of CAD/CAM restorations. Used and taught by leading dental professionals including Spear Education and cerecdoctors.com
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K0380 Winter: WRC CAD/CAM Anterior Preparation System includes:
  • A631RED Aluminum Bur Block 20 FG
  • WS8SC0.6 Super Coarse Winter Shoulder 0.6 Tip
  • WS8F0.6 Fine Modified Shoulder WRC 8mm 0.6 Tip
  • WS8SC1.0 Super Coarse Winter Shoulder 1.0 TIP
  • WS8F1.0 Winter Fine Modified Shoulder 8mm 1.0 Tip
  • WS8SC1.2 Super Coarse Winter Shoulder 1.2 TIP
  • WSMR1.0 Winter Fine Margin Refinement
  • WSMR1.4 Fine Margin Refine Winter Diamond
  • 6856DC.31.016 FG Coarse Round End Taper Diamond
  • H34L.31.012 FG Long Metal Cutter Carbide
  • WDLCONV Medium Depth .5/.7/.9MM Winter Diamond
  • WDLEXT Medium Depth .8/1/1.2MM Winter Diamond 
  • WDL1.0 Winter Medium Depth Limiting Diamond
  • WDL1.5 Winter Medium Depth Limiting Diamond
  • WDL2.0 Winter Medium Depth Limiting Diamond
  • 5379.31.023 FG Super Coarse Football Diamond
  • DOS1F FG Fine Football Diamond 379F.31.023

"The new Brasseler CAD/CAM preparations and finishing kits have made my dentistry better. Having a step by step recipe for both preparing anterior and posterior teeth and finishing my restorations have lead to increased predictability and efficiency with my restorative dentistry. I cannot recommend them more highly."

–Dr. Mike Skramstad