K0383 Winter: WRC CAD/CAM Extra-Oral Ceramic Adjusting & Polishing System

  • Clinician: Robert Winter, DDS and CERECdoctors.com
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Developed using Winter Restorative Concepts by Dr. Robert Winter. This extra-oral ceramic adjusting and polishing system features the Dialite® LD Feather Lite™ series of polishers.  Along with solutions to adjust and finish, feather lite polishers provides clinicians with flexible polishing spirals that easily adapt to any surface, leaving behind an enamel-like finish while preserving each unique surface differentiation on ceramic materials, including Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate. This procedure systems are used and taught by leading dental professionals including Spear Education and cerecdoctors.com.


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K0383 Winter: WRC CAD/CAM Extra-Oral Ceramic Adjusting & Polishing System includes:
  • A701GOLD Aluminum Bur Block 40 HP
  • LD15M LD/ZR Grinder Pink Medium Wheel Ceramic
  • R20MLD.HP Dialite LD Red Medium Wheel Extra-Oral
  • R20FLD.HP Dialite LD Yellow Fine Wheel Extra-Oral
  • 6934B.11.250 HP Coarse VisionFlex Open Meshed Double Sided Diamond Disc
  • 943.11.100 HP Medium MiniFlex Double Sided Diamond Disc 
  • 805.11.021 HP Medium Inverted Cone Diamond
  • 368.11.023 HP Medium Football Diamond
  • FL26MLD.HP Dialite LD Medium Red Feather Lite 26mm
  • FL26FLD.HP Dialite LD Fine Yellow Feather Lite 26mm
  • 842R.11.018 HP Medium Round End Cylinder Diamond
  • 863.11.016 HP Medium Flame Diamond

"The new Brasseler CAD/CAM preparations and finishing kits have made my dentistry better. Having a step by step recipe for both preparing anterior and posterior teeth and finishing my restorations have lead to increased predictability and efficiency with my restorative dentistry. I cannot recommend them more highly."

–Dr. Mike Skramstad