G5™ All-Purpose Desensitizer 10mL Bottle

226110-B MFG #: 226110-B
  • Packaging Type: Bottle
  • Product Name: G5
  • Volume: 10mL
  • Discontinued Products: Show Available Products
  • Helps eliminate post-operative sensitivity in posterior composite restorations as well as under temporary crowns and bridges
  • Works by coagulating plasma proteins within dentinal tubule fluid, which helps eliminate movement of the fluid—the root cause of dentinal sensitivity
  • Used after Max Etch and before MPa Max adhesiv
  • Specifically designed for use with 4th and 5th generation adhesives
  • Does not adversely affect the bond strengths of resin cement to dentin
  • Aqueous – made with glutaraldehyde, HEMA and water; excellent rewetting agent