K0236 Brady: Provisional Adjusting & Polishing System

Developed by Dr. Lee Ann Brady. This system was designed utilizing a series of laboratory instruments and ET® ProviPro™ polishers for effectively adjusting and polishing provisional restorations.
  • Packaging
K0236 Brady: Provisional Adjusting & Polishing System includes:
  • A701BLUE Aluminum Bur Block 40 HP
  • H79E.11.050 HP E Cutter Carbide
  • H295EF.11.023 HP EF Cutter Carbide
  • H283.11.012 HP Modified Round End Cylinder Carbide
  • RWGPP.00.220 Green Knife Edge Medium Provisional Polisher
  • RWPPP.00.220 Pink Knife Edge Fine Provisional Polisher
  • 934.11.220 HP Medium VisionFlex Open Meshed Double Sided Diamond Disc
  • SWR22M ET ProviPro Medium Orange Provisional Polishing Buff 
  • SWR22F ET ProviPro Fine Pink Provisional Polishing Buff
  • 305.11 Mandrel Steel