K0327 Amanda Seay Crown & Bridge System

Developed by Dr. Amanda Seay. This system was designed for preparation and finishing of crown restorations.
  • Packaging
K0327 Amanda Seay Crown & Bridge System includes:
  • AS628PINK 12 Holes Silicone Aluminum 
  • ASPLUG Silicone Plug Gray 
  • 330MWV FG Pear Carbide H24.31.008
  • 4 FG Round Carbide H1.31.014
  • ET3 FG Needle Fine 8 Blade Red Carbide H132.31.008
  • 7406 FG Football Carbide H379.31.018
  • KS0F FG Fine Round End Cylinder Diamond 38005.31.077
  • KS7 FG Super Coarse Wheel Diamond 35003.31.039
  • KS1 FG Super Coarse Round End Cylinder Diamond 35005.31.052 
  • W5.21 White Cup Universal Silicone Polisher for Composite
  • 856.31.025 FG Medium Round End Taper Diamond
  • 5811.31.037 FG Super Coarse Barrel Diamond
  •  8379.31.018 FG Fine Football Diamond