K0344 Kois: Replacement System


“Developed by Dr. John Kois, this Replacement Burs System is used and taught at the Kois Center for a supplementary system to the K0342 Kois Universal Preparation System.  Replacing the K0195 replacement burs system, Dr. Kois added the very popular Duracut Diamond, 6856DC.31.016, for removal of obsolete or non-serviceable restorations.”

  • Packaging
K0344 KOIS Replacement System includes:
  • A638GOLD Aluminum Bur Block 10 FG/ 10 RA
  • KS1L FG Super Coarse Round End Cylinder Diamond 35005L.31.052 
  • # KS1 FG Super Coarse Round End Cylinder Diamond 35005.31.052 
  • # KS4F FG Fine Football Diamond 38010.31.006
  • 6856DC.31.016 FG Coarse Round End Taper Diamond
  • # 330MWV FG Pear Carbide H24.31.008
  • # KS0 FG Medium Round End Cylinder Diamond 30005.31.077
  • # KS0F FG Fine Round End Cylinder Diamond 38005.31.077