TotalVac™ Kit

5027562U0 MFG #: 315600-18
TotalVac addresses the negative and positive pressure suction and irrigation needs of clinicians performing root canal therapy procedures. The design allows for single-handed positive pressure irrigation with simultaneous suction. The TotalVac kit can be configured to perform both positive and negative pressure irrigation using the included tips, which vary in length and diameter. TotalVac is a highly modular system which allows versatility and access to a multitude of needles of different lengths and diameters, based on your specific needs
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TotalVac™ Kit Includes:
25 High Volume Evacuation and Surgical Suction Adaptor
25 TotalVac Tubing 
25 Plastic Suction Tip
25 25 Gauge Short Delivery Tip
25 30 Gauge Side Vented Long Delivery Tip