VARIOS 750 Ultrasonic System - Non Fiber Optic ( Y141051 )


The Varios 750 is a multi-function, portable piezoelectric ultrasonic system that offers precise settings for Periodontal, General Scaling and Endodontic procedures. The control unit features a compact, user-friendly design with a flat operation panel and operates at 28-32 kHz. The system utilizes a special, exchangeable bottle in additional to the primary water supply. This portable device features 360° optic technology in a lightweight, ergonomic handpiece. The illumination significantly improves caries and calculus detection.

  • Packaging
Complete set includes:
  • Varios 750 unit
  • Handpiece with cord
  • AC adapter and foot pedal
  • Water tubing
  • 2 water bottles, wrench and 3 tips (G1,G4,G6). 
  • The Varios 750 is backed by a 1-year warranty