FORZA F1 1:1 Attachment


The Forza F1 is a 1:1 gear ratio electric attachment that comes in a lightweight, solid titanium body. Used with latch burs, the F1 achieves a speed range of 2,000-40,000 rpm when placed on most electric dental motors including the Forza ELM and Forza ELS from Brasseler USA. This E-Type low speed attachment is compatible with most electric motors on the market and features ceramic ball bearings, patented clean head system and single port water spray.

Common application includes:

  • Carries removal
  • Intra-oral polishing of porcelain
  • Composites and alloy and debonding of orthodontic adhesive
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  • Features
The Forza F1 delivers the following features:
  • Ceramic ball bearings in the attachments
  • Solid Titanium Construction
  • D Shield
  • E Type Attachments
  • F Gears