Surgic Pro+ Optic 120V W/ X-SG20L Data Storage (Y1002095 )


Specially designed for the demands of dental implantology, the SurgicPro delivers a dynamic 80 Ncm of torque. The innovative brushless micromotor combines user friendly ergonomic design with lightweight titanium and LED fiber optics. The compact style console and robust foot control module are designed specifically for the aseptic theatre environment while the micromotor is fully autoclavable. Combined with a wide range of attachments, the SurgicPro system is suitable for a wide variety of oral surgery procedures and will be an outstanding addition to your practice. The compact, short micromotor has a speed range of 200-40,000 rpm and is maintenance free. The control unit features a large LCD screen. Every handpiece attachment has individual rotational resistance characteristics. To confirm the absolute precise speed and torque demanded for delicate oral surgical procedures, SurgicPro automatically calibrates the micromotor to the rotational resistance of each individual handpiece prior to operation. SurgicPro offers speed and high torque accuracy, plus safety, during operation. SurgicPro is an LED optic implant micromotor system and has a built in memory storage and transfer capability. 


  • Packaging

Complete set includes:

  • Control unit
  • Micromotor with cord
  • 20:1 attachment
  • AC adapter, foot control, and irrigation tubing with hanger
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty