Forza V3 LED Set (Y1002813)


The Forza V3 Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler brings state-of-the-art technology to the dental and hygiene operatory. Featuring stunning LED illumination, a slim handpiece design, 3 application modes and an intuitive interface. The Forza V3 provides users a long list of features and benefits all in one compact, space-saving unit.


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Forza V3 Piezo Ultrasonic

Elegant and Intuitive – Forza V3 Piezo Ultrasonic

These two words best describe the new Forza V3 piezo ultrasonic from Brasseler USA. At only 33 grams the slim, ergonomic design of the new Forza V3 handpiece provides excellent access while reducing hand fatigue. Stunning LED illumination from dual fiber optics delivers clearer vision and maximum visibility. Equally important is the Piezo Accelerator mode that automatically provides additional power at the moment you need it most. The compact, space saving control unit complements the simple-to-operate interface and can be easily installed in any dental operatory. With a wide range of piezo ultrasonic tips available, the Forza V3 is ideal for a variety of clinical procedures including general scaling, perio and endo.


  • Compact Control Unit
  • Simple Operation Control Panel
  • General, Perio & Endo Applications
  • Easy Power & Water Adjustment
  • LED Optic and Non-Optic Options


Forza V3 is available in two options, LED and Non-Optic


Forza V3 LED Complete Set

Forza V3 Non-Optic Complete Set



The Forza V3 LED set includes:

  • Control Unit with Handpiece Cord 
  • Handpiece
  • Control Unit Holder
  • Water Filter Set
  • Water Supply Connector
  • Foot Control
  • Tip Wrench with Torque Limiter
  • AC Adapter
  • Three Scaling Tips (G1, G9 G11)