BT RaCe RF40 .04 25 mm (3 Pack)


The unique, minimally invasive design of BT RaCe allows for the safe treatment of the majority of canals with just three instruments. BT RaCe files have exclusive advantages including a patented alternating cutting edge/non screw design, electropolished finish, and triangular cross sections. These features maximize flexibility, cutting efficiency/debris removal and safety. The files also feature a patented "Booster Tip" which allows files of larger finishing sizes to navigate any canal that has an established glide path of #15/.02 or larger. This allows the practitioner to achieve optimal apical preparation sizes in all types of canals with ease. The Booster Tip also features 6 cutting edges for increased efficiency. The assortment pack includes our patented BT2 file. This file clears the apical canal to size #35 ensuring that the final finishing file is not blocked or overstressed. The BT2 has zero taper which allows the file to be extremely flexible and able to navigate the most challenging canals.