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 Product Details
This system was designed as a comprehensive one stop system for debonding, IPR, and trimming and polishing of acrylic appliances.

K000011 BrasselerUSA: Solution Orthodontic System includes:
  • H219S.11.023 HP Vacuum Form Acrylic Trimmer Carbide
  • H257EF.11.060 HP EF Cutter Carbide
  • H251E.11.060 HP E Cutter Carbide
  • 8926A.11.100 HP Fine Embrasure Contouring Diamond Disc
  • 911HV.11.180 HP Medium HyperFlex Single Sided Diamond Disc
  • 911HH.11.180 HP Medium HyperFlex Single Sided Diamond Disc
  • 911H.11.180 HP Medium HyperFlex Double Sided Diamond Disc
  • 934.11.140 HP Medium VisionFlex Open Meshed Double Sided Diamond Disc
  • DC1.21 Diacomp Gray Fine Flame 
  • DC2.21 Diacomp Gray Fine Knife Edge
  • DC3.21 Diacomp Gray Fine Cup 
  • DC1M.21 Diacomp Green Medium Point
  • DC2M.21 Diacomp Green Medium Knife Edge
  • DC3M.21 Diacomp Cup
  • 0634.11 ACRYLICPRO
  • 0644.11 ACRYLICPRO
  • 0654HP Silicone Acrylic Polisher 
  • A620BLUE Aluminum Bur Block 12 FG
  • # 699L FG Flat End Fissure Carbide H33L.31.009
  • # 7675 FG Round End Taper Carbide H375R.31.016 
  • # 7675R FG Round End Taper Extra-Fine 20 Blade Carbide H375RF.31.016
  • # 7408 OS1 FG Football Carbide H379.31.023
  • # OS1F FG Football Extra-Fine 20 Blade Yellow Carbide H379F.31.023 
  • # OS1UF FG Football Ultra-Fine 30 Blade White Carbide H379UF.31.023
  • H48L.31.012 FG Long Flame Fine Red Carbide  
  • H48LF.31.012 FG Long Flame Extra-Fine 20 Blade Yellow Carbide
  • H48LUF.31.012 FG Long Flame Ultra-Fine 30 Blade White Carbide 
  • 8392.31.016 FG Fine Needle Mosquito Diamond
  • WS25 Blue Medium Narrow Diamond Strips
  • WS25F Red Fine Narrow Diamond Strips
  • WS25EF Yellow Extra-Fine Narrow Diamond Strips 
  • WS37 Blue Medium Wide Diamond Strips
  • WS37F Red Fine Wide Diamond Strips
  • WS37EF Yellow Extra-Fine Wide Diamond Strips 

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