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K000030 SOLUTION COMPOSITE/ACRYLIC PROVISIONAL KIT 1P Developed by Brasseler USA (Must order in multiples of 1)

 Product Details
This system was designed for provisional finishing and polishing. Contains and assortment of EG and GSQ cutters, acrylic polishers and other assorted polishing instruments.

K000030 BrasselerUSA: Solution Composite/Acrylic Provisional System includes:
  • H261GSQ.11.023 HP GSQ Cutter Carbide
  • H257EF.11.023 HP EF Cutter Carbide
  • H79EF.11.040 HP EF Cutter Carbide
  • H79GSQ.11.040 HP GSQ Cutter Carbide
  • H274.31.016 FG Flame Carbide 
  • 934.11.140 HP Medium VisionFlex Open Meshed Double Sided Diamond Disc
  • 365.11.220 HP Medium Flexible Double Sided Serrated Disc
  • 6911HF.11.220 HP Coarse HyperFlex Double Sided Diamond Disc
  • # 7408 HP Football Carbide H379.11.023
  • 0679.11 Silicone Acrylic Polisher 
  • 0669.11 Silicone Acrylic Polisher 
  • 0659.11 Silicone Acrylic Polisher 
  • BR01.00 Silicone Acrylic Polisher 
  • BR02.00 Silicone Acrylic Polisher 
  • BR03.00 Silicone Acrylic Polisher 
  • 10250022HP Soft Goat Hair with a Chamois Insert 
  • 80019HP Extra-Fine Silicon Carbide Brush 
  • 16122HP Flannel Cloth Wheel Buff 
  • 16222HP Felt Cloth Wheel Buff 

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