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4193 VARIO ACT LNG KIT 1P- Titanium Vario Post Kit, Long Length, Active (Threaded) Design, Size (Green), Includes 10 Posts and Accessories 1 Per Pack (Must order in multiples of 1)

 Product Details
The Vlock and Vario Parallel Post Systems contain special post drills which utilize an extremely efficient and patented gates/peeso design. The drills are designed to create a post preparation that is ideal for the corresponding post. The Vlock Posts should be used when a significant amount of the core has been lost. The Vario Posts are ideal for situation where multiple posts are needed or when there is not sufficient room for the Vlock "Christmas Tree" head. The Vlock Posts are available in standard and long lengths, in active (threaded) and passive (non-threaded) designs. The Vario Posts are available in standard and long lengths but are only available in the active design.

4193 VARIO ACT LNG KIT 1P, Posts, Metal, Vario & Accessories, Parapost

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