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K0277 Dialite Feather Lite Extra-Oral Combo Kit 1/Pack (Must order in multiples of 1)

 Product Details
The final step in polishing any porcelain restoration, Dialite® Feather Lite™. Brasseler USA® introduces a revolutionary new addition to the Dialite® family of porcelain polishers: Feather Lite™. Feather Lite’s flexible spirals are designed to separate and “feather” out. This feathering helps maintain surface differentiation when polishing porcelain restorations, allowing the instrument to quickly adapt to any surface including occlusal, interproximal and contact areas. Available in a 26mm head size and in coarse, medium and fine grits, the new Dialite® Feather Lite™ polisher will help save chair time as you quickly polish your porcelain restorations extra-orally. Use Dialite® Feather Lite™ as the final polish for all your crown and bridge restorations.

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